Wolf Hunting

Our limited wolf package is a 7-day semi-guided hunt.

The wolves are a very shy, cautious and elusive animal to hunt. With this in mind, our wolf hunt is by far the most difficult and rewarding trophy hunt that we offer at Happy Day Lodge. Your shot could range up to approximately 125 yards, so we request that you use a high powered rifle with a scope. We limit this hunt to just one group per season which can consists of one/two hunters per year.

Two to three weeks prior to your hunt, we will begin baiting your two stands. At this time, we will set up a game camera to record all wolf activity. Upon your arrival to Happy Day Lodge, we will share with you all wolf activity from the game camera. We will assist you to your locations and give an orientation on your active stands. We will arrive at your location every other day with fresh bait and supplies and see if you need any additional assistance with your hunt. Over the last three years, with the use of the game camera, we have acquired some fantastic pictures of the wolves at our baits. The color phase of the wolves seen in our area are tan, reddish brown, gray, black and blond. With our consistent baiting, this technique has given our hunters a memorable hunt to remember. If this style of a hunt stirs your interest, please call us early to book because this hunt is limited to one hunt per year!

Prior to arriving to our camp, please make sure contact has been made with us in regards to your weapons so all permits required for weapons are in place. This is very important to take care of several weeks before your arrival.