Lake Windermere Lake Trout Fishing

There is a small population of Lake Trout in the lake and they are a challenge to catch. The lake's real claim to fame is the average size of the Lake Trout. Most inland lakes in Northern Ontario produce Lake Trout in the 1 to 4-pound range. Usually for most lakes, Lake Trout over 6 pounds are rare, but it's just the average size for Lake Windermere.

Only a really healthy lake with high levels of dissolved calcium and an abundance of deep-water feeder-fish such as Lake Herring, Whitefish and Cisco can produce big lunker Lake Trout over 20 pounds or over 30 inches and Lake Windermere has plenty of them . A lake needs deep cold water in the 53 range or colder to sustain the trout through the warm summer months. Luckily, Lake Windermere has deep spots exceeding 100 feet deep and there are probably a number of cold springs feeding the lake. These deep cold areas moderate the water temperature of the whole lake and allow the Lake Trout to spend most of their time in the 50-foot range, which is their preferred pressure environment. 50 feet deep is very easy to get to with out Lake Trout tips.

Right after ice-out and for the first couple of weeks after, Lake Trout are shallow and our guests who are fishing for Walleye and Northern Pike in the shallows often get a big surprise. Lake Trout love spoons and jigs so it just makes sense that you will catch them while jigging or casting Pike spoons.

In late spring and summer Lake Trout can go down to the very bottom of the lake but the Lake Trout that are actively feeding are usually in the 50-foot depth range. It's impossible to predict how many trout you can catch in a day. Lake Trout are very sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressure. They can go without feeding for days and then all of a sudden you catch 5 of them in a couple of hours. They turn on-and-off like a light switch, which is what any serious Lake Trout hunter will confirm. To maximize your chances, the best time is when it's sunny and high pressure and the surface of the lake is dead calm. If there are waves, go after Walleye.

There is an old saying, which is 100% true. If the flies are biting, the trout are biting!!!

Promoted Lake Trout Regulations:

  • Open Season: January 1 to Sept. 30
  • Limit - Conservation License: 1 in your possession
  • Limit - Sport License: 2 in your possession
  • No Size Restrictions: