Waterfowl Hunting

Lake Windermere is a magical place in the fall as the cool clean air makes you feel more alive then you have ever felt and the brilliant fall foliage is a feast for your eyes. It's also an exciting place to be for waterfowl hunters.

We are located on the eastern edge of the Mississippi Flyway and a major resting area for ducks and geese coming down from the arctic. Lake Windermere, being one of the largest lakes around, becomes a staging area for ducks and geese that spend the summer on the many lakes in the Chapleau area.

For the first week of the duck hunt the primary species are Mallards, Wood Ducks and Teals. As the season progresses, you will see more and more Bluebills, Black Ducks, Buffleheads, Ring-necked Ducks and Goldeneyes. Most of these birds nest in the arctic and spend the summer feeding on the abundant insect population.

Hunting ducks and goose in the far north has some advantages. Flying south toughens up their meat so it's good to harvest them in the north before this happens. There are also very few humans around so you don't have to be worried about anyone spooking your hunt.

We can suggest areas to set up decoys and blinds such as secluded bays where Wild Rice has been growing all summer. Your accommodations will be one of the regular housekeeping cabins, plus you can take full advantage of our terrific fall fishing for an added experience.

Our waterfowl hunting packages are 6 days with housekeeping cabins

  • Duck Hunting Season starts mid September

    Prior to arriving to our camp, please make sure contact has been made with us in regards to your weapons so all permits required for weapons are in place. This is very important to take care of several weeks before your arrival.