Your Hosts:

We, as owners, enjoy the size of our camp because it allows us one on one attention with our guests. We look forward to making new friendships, exchanging fishing and hunting stories or even sharing a fish fry together. Our family is young with lots of energy and enthusiasm. We are dedicated to making your stay enjoyable and a memorable trip for a lifetime.

More thoughts from Bob and Sondra:
Fishing is like prospecting for gold. Sometimes you strike it rich on the first try but most of the time you have to keep digging. That is how it is with trying a new camp. It comes with risk, but without risk there are no rewards! As owners of Happy Day Lodge, we truly want all of our guests to catch lots of fish and big ones at that. However, mother nature (God) has his own set of rules and ways of keeping us in a loop of guessing on where to go or what to use next. With that being said, we will do our very best in helping you catch fish.

Some of the things that we can control are making sure that you get friendly service and a quality fishing camp. We want our accommodations and equipment at its best. Sometimes things do break down and we do our best to get parts and keep things running smoothly. Please remember that we are in the remote north and sometimes parts or servicemen can be hard to get in a short notice.

As you know how the great fishing stories go…they are retold many times and sometimes are even stretched just a little each time their told. We, by no means, are saying that every fishing story is stretched. Happy Day Lodge does have days or weeks that fishing is just amazing and the fish are biting as fast as you can get your line back in the water. We have days guest are catching over 100 walleye a day or 50 smallmouth bass in an afternoon and landing 40 inch plus northern pike during their stay at Happy Day Lodge. A very common occurrence at Happy Day Lodge is to be reeling in a fish and wow…the fish just got harder to reel and your pole went from slightly bent to the max…this would the famous story of the big fish striking the smaller fish as you were reeling it. Yes, we hope it happens to you…it has happened to our family many times. These are just some of the reasons that our guests do return each year and why we have been on the Top Ten List in Ontario for fishing lodges. We are proud of this ranking!

On the other hand, there are days and weeks the fishing is just down right disappointing. When this is happening, there is little that we can do. Just remember that we have no control over the fish. It's not like we have a magic wand that we can magically turn the fishing on! There are natural events that happen like winds, temps, water levels, sun, storms and fisherman styles. Fishing Windermere Lake can be an experience unlike any other that you may be familiar with due to it being a deep cold water lake. We are speaking with the voice of experience because our first trip to Canada, we caught a total of two small northern pike for the whole week while vacationing at another northern Canadian lake. But did that disappointment stop us? Absolutely not, we bought a fishing lodge three years later which we have now owned it since 2003. We are thrilled that we are able to share Happy Day Lodge, Windermere Lake, in 2011 we took over Prairie Bee Outpost Camps, Prairie Bee Lake. This area is such a beautiful place to enjoy!.

Some people may ask why there is a breeder slot for catch and release at Happy Day Lodge?

The lakes in the cold northern waters are normally covered with ice for 5 - 6 months out of the year. This does not give the fish a very long growing season unlike the lakes in the Michigan and south of there. In addition, the cold waters of the north carry less food for faster growth than do the southern warmer waters. Here are some programs that we have initiated at Happy Day Lodge to enhance Windermere Lake's fishery - Discounts for conservation licenses - $3,500 Cash Rewards awarded yearly for Catch and Release -- Maintaining a breeder slot so that quality fish are present in the years to come - Limiting the amount of guests on Windermere Lake for a more remote and less crowded experience. By working together, we can improve and maintain the quality fishery at Happy Day Lodge for all to enjoy at an affordable price now and in the future.