Black Bear Hunting Overview

Our spring and fall bear hunting packages are 7 days with the option of housekeeping cabins or tent camping.

We offer a high quality bear hunt with an almost unheard of bear guarantee! This means we are not only committed to providing you with a quality bear hunt but are willing to go above and beyond in offering each hunter a guarantee in tagging a bear! Our bear guarantee - If you do not tag a bear, you will receive a voucher for a half price off your next bear hunt at Happy Day Lodge or Prairie Bee (voucher good for up to 3 years). Please note: You must actively hunt every day to qualify for the guarantee (not required to hunt in severe weather).

Whether you will be hunting with gun or archery, your choice of stands will be along the shores of Windermere Lake, Kathleen Lake, Goldie Lake or at one of our remote stands.

Access to your stand is either by boat or ATV as it all depends on where your stand is located. Each of our hunters are provided with two active stands that haven't been utilized by any other hunter for that season, which means that you have a fresh stand from the beginning. Our territory covers approximately 350 square miles of exclusive black bear territory with approximately 30 baited stands. In addition, part of our area hunted is adjacent to the World's Largest Game Preserve. This gives you an added advantage because the game preserve is protected from regular hunting pressure.

Over half of our hunters experience more than one active bear at their stands which provides additional opportunities. With this in mind, we put a lot of time and dedication toward our hunts and hunters. We truly work hard so that you don't have to!

We prepare our stands in the spring and fall several weeks before the hunt. Most average bears weigh over 200 lbs with a few that will qualify for Pope and Young / Boone and Crockett. The majority of our bears are black with some of them having the highly distinctive white crest on their chest. However, we occasionally harvest the highly sought after color phased bear.

The color phased bears at Happy Day Lodge have ranged in color from cinnamon to chocolate. Upon your arrival, we will provide photos from our game cameras and discuss options for your hunt. We will assist you to your individual stand and orient you to your bait. But, our service doesn't just stop there! We will continue to bait your individual stands so you can concentrate on your hunt. After harvesting the bear, we assist in retrieval, skinning, quartering, and freezer storage of your bear. We feel that with our help you will experience a worry free hunt with memories that last a lifetime!

Prior to arriving to our camp, please make sure contact has been made with us in regards to your weapons so all permits required for weapons are in place. This is very important to take care of several weeks before your arrival.

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