Our Beautiful Windermere Lake

Happy Day Lodge is the only outfitter on Lake Windermere. Click HERE for map. This beautiful lake, 20 miles long, is adjacent to the Chapleau Game Preserve, which is the largest game preserve in the world! There are hundreds of miles of shoreline and countless islands, bays, and coves to explore.

The unique thing about Lake Windermere is that two minutes outside the Lodge, you're not likely to see another human being for the rest of the day! In addition to the outright beauty of our lake, there is abundant wildlife to experience. Here is a short list of what a day on Lake Windermere can offer...

There are several species of trophy fish to catch. Included are Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, and White Fish.

Keep your eyes peeled when trolling around that next bend. There are Black Bear, Moose, Mink, Red Fox, Lynx, Wolves, and Otters. In addition, the abundant Beaver will likely splash your boat as a warning!

There are countless species of birds to see ~ too many to outline here. But especially romantic are the songs of the Loon and the soar of the Osprey and the Bald Eagle standing watch on their nests. If you're lucky, you'll witness an Eagle or Osprey dive and carry away the very fish you hoped to catch!

The hundreds of miles mentioned does not represent a large bowl of water. It refers to the endless bays, coves, and channels that make the shoreline of Lake Windermere constantly new and interesting. There are waterfalls, beaver dams, inlets, train trestles, and bays that keep your excursion a memorable one.

The Night Sky:
You'll find yourself far north enough to experience a spectacular show of celestial fireworks. The lack of city lights is enough to leave you awe struck with the sheer number of stars in the sky. Not just stars, but meteor and even the occasional satellite can be tracked across the sky. When conditions are right, that blanket of stars serves as a background to the infamous Northern Lights, which are both breathtaking and mesmerizing.

The Train:
Happy Day Lodge was originally an outfitter that was accessible by railroad or float plane only - before logging in the area created a road. The northeast corner of our lake is bordered by rail that offers a sentimental experience of bygone days.

The People:
You'll be pleasantly surprised at how cordial, friendly, and open the guests at Happy Day Lodge truly are. There seems to be a common thread between everyone that simply adds to the enjoyment of your trip!

Ghost town of Nicholson
Nicholson merely has only a few houses still standing. At one time, the town was a booming town. Out in the middle of no where, the town was very successful due to the logging company that existed. The town was established in 1903 by the Austin-Nicholson company. The town had a company store, post office, church, school and Canadian Pacific Railway station. The mill was profitable for many years and was the largest producer of railroad ties in the British Empire. In 1933, the mill burned down in a fire and was not replaced. In the early 1970s, a proposal was advanced to preserve Nicholson as a historic site, although a fire later destroyed most of the surviving buildings at the townsite. Nicholson is listed in the top 100 interesting places to visit in Ontario! Unfortunately, the structures are deteriorating along with nature taking it course bringing new growth of trees into the area. We have old photographs and maps of the ghost town for those of you have an interest!

ATV Enthusiasts:
You will find trails, which were designed with you in mind, awaiting to be explored by you. All along our network of trails you will find an experience of a lifetime while you are touring the Boreal Forest, which is in the largest game preserve in the world. For spectacular and breathtaking experiences come up in the fall and experience colors like no where else.

Lake Windermere

Max Length: 20 miles
Max Width: 1.5 miles
Shoreline: 133 miles
Surface Area: 10,000 acres
Max Depth: 119 feet

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